Carp For Sale in The UK

Including Scaly Carp For Sale and Fast Growing Carp For Sale

We are a leading UK based supplier of Carp with a range of carp for sale to all areas of the UK.

We are Cefas registered and are inspected regularly.

We supply Leney Strain Carp for sale, Sutton Strain Carp for sale and high quality big carp.

The carp lake is set in beautiful surroundings and is well stocked with superbly conditioned, quality fish. The surrounding privately owned land is some 325 acres in size and the carp lake is one lake in our complex encompassing some 14 acres of water. Nestled away in the central valley of the Isle of Wight the lake is just over 4 acres in size and fed by water filtered through the chalk downs above the lakes creating a very good natural ecology. The water is crystal clear with lots of weed beds full of natural food making for perfect conditions to grow massive carp. All carp for sale are now spawned on site however we have some mirror over 35lb and common carp over 25 lb which were were bought in.

If you are looking to buy carp in the UK then please contact us for full details.