UK Based Carp Farm

Combley Fisheries supply quality English Carp from 10lb to 40lb in weight and have been farming Carp for approx 15 years.

We are Cefas registered and are inspected by Cefas every six months, and all of our fish are fully health checked before sale by an independent consultant.

We feed the fish with a mixed diet of Carp pellet as well as wheat and cereals for sustainable growth.

We now spawn the fish on site and grade the fish we take through to sell very carefully so we have a mix of scale patterns on long and deep framed carp.

We deliver the fish to our customers and arrange the necessary movement and stocking consents with the EA for our customers.

We take care to sterilise our equipment after each delivery and use professional tanks to deliver the fish in to make sure they are received in good health.

Please contact us for full details about Carp For Sale.